I miss blogging.

I miss blogging so much. I wish there was more of a community here and that is really what I miss so much about xanga. I mainly just miss “documenting” my life and being able to look back and have the memories. OH WELL. 

Anyway, I am FINALLY back from the wedding and honeymoon. The wedding went perfectly and it couldn’t have gone any better. Hawaii was absolutely beautiful and a good time. However, I did learn that I am NOT an ocean person. LOL. I wanted to go to the pool at our condo more than I wanted to go to the beach. Our condo was right on the ocean but our cove was not a sandy beach, it was all rocky. There was a place where people jumped in to go snorkeling because there are TONS of beautiful colorful fish, coral and sea turtles in our bay. I didn’t want to go but by Friday, Geoff convinced me to try snorkeling. It was cool, but I was also freaking out the entire time. I don’t like all the creatures, currents and waves pushing you all around. We did go to a sandy beach about 5 minutes away and that is where we hung out and swam most of the time. Im more comfortable at a sandy beach. Im picky I guess. But whatever. 

I am glad to be back home though. I was home sick! Now, back to normal life!! 

I am a little pissed though because my math teacher dropped me from my class!!!!!! WTF. I guess she sent me an email on the school email (which I rarely check) AFTER she dropped me saying that because I missed 3 classes, she dropped me. OK. COOL. Whatever. But now I have to catch up on all my other classes! FUN FUN FUN. 

Geoff has to bring our marriage license to work so I can get on his insurance. THEN I can go to the doctor! I was supposed to go today but the insurance isn’t active yet. I THOUGHT I could get added to his insurance online, because thats how I signed him up but I guess we have to show proof of marriage so I can’t do it that way. 

It still doesn’t feel real that Im pregnant. We announced it at the wedding and everyone was shocked! It was fun. LOL. 

Well, I guess thats all for now. 
I hope to start blogging again! I will see how it feels I guess.